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beautiful girl in hijab

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19 Responses to beautiful girl in hijab

  1. rushda says:

    where did u collect da pic in da pink hijab..she is a friend n i want to know how to contact her

  2. Ali says:

    Dear,i also in search of same.pass me if you get it

  3. Sahil javeed says:

    A/A , i m sahil and like hijab and girls covered with hijab. this is called the real beauty of the soul. the beauty is ouspecious gift of God , and when it open every body is getting it and remains nothing , but when it is covered then it is surprise . so respect hijab and well come it.

  4. tak says:

    yes hejab is best cover for butifull girls in word.
    its relaxation position for every body.
    every nice and compelete aedia girls take hejab position…

  5. shahid says:

    i m shahid from indian kashmir.

  6. sadiya says:

    asaamwalikum……i request al the girls 2 b in hijab.thre is nt caste diffference abt it…allah is for al/…..allah is almighty

  7. afreen shaik says:

    vry butful

  8. ajaz ahmed says:

    Hijab increases the beauty of women.
    Hijab differentiate Muslim women from others.
    Hijab make women unique.
    Hijab is real freedom.
    Hijab is safety as if 2 pieces of sweat(1 piece is covered with something & 2nd is not covered)are thrown in soil. Somebody is asked to pick up those pieces to eat. He/she will pick up only that piece which is covered. Because it is safe. Hijab is just like that.

  9. ismail says:


  10. mahtab says:

    hai ani girl india ad me

  11. Deju Arega says:

    Wow mashallha cute&pretty lovely pic!

  12. Shifan says:

    Hi assalamu alikum i want to add with u my friend

  13. fazal patel says:

    ek bhi sahi nahi hai

  14. fazal patel says:

    sab bekaar hai

  15. Ahmed says:

    Pls cn i no u more better? I am frm nigeria, pls dnt be say what

  16. Mohamed bayas says:

    i like this color

  17. In sabhon se bhi zyada khoobsurat meri jaan hai .
    jinka naam hai…… FarHami..
    Thank u.

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